Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

This agreement is subject to cancellation at any time on thirty days’ written notice by THE coLABorative.

THE coLABorative reserves the right to terminate this contract and remove tenants from the premises if you do not meet the following terms and such breach is not cured within 15 days after written notice to the tenant:

1. You are required to take good care of all parts of the facilities, its equipment, fittings and furnishings, which you use. You must not alter any part of it unless you discuss it with THE coLABorative management first. You are liable for any damage caused by you or those on the premises with your permission or at your invitation. This includes use of the podcasting equipment.

2. You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of your business. You must do nothing illegal on the premises. You must not do anything that will interfere with the use of the facilities by us or by others, cause any nuisance or annoyance, and increase the insurance premiums we have or cause loss or damage to life on the premises.

3. We are not liable for any loss of personal items you bring to the facilities or on premises. If a technical item (phone, computer, laptop) breaks or is stolen while at the facility, we are not liable unless grossly negligent.

4. Rent is due on the 1st of each month, which will be automatically pulled each month if we have your credit card entered into our system. Those that do not pay on the 1st will have a 15 day grace period. After the 15 day grace period we will apply a 5% late fee to your account.

5. We may put an end to your agreement immediately by giving you notice if: you become insolvent, go into liquidation, or become unable to pay your rent (major debt) or your conduct is questioned (including how you use your space at the facility).

6. You are required to abide by the guiding principles and cultural norms set forth.

7. All formal notices must be in writing with a 30 day notice. Tenants are responsible to keep updated address of record at the facility. Membership changes (if decreasing) must also be a 30 day notice in wirtten form.

Authorization: I understand that by providing the information above I am authorizing THE coLABorative to conduct a criminal background check. THE coLABorative will hold all reports confidential and you will be entitled to receive a summary of the contents of the report upon request.

Certification: I hereby certify that all the information that I have provided is true and accurate. I understand that if there are any misrepresentations or falsifications I will no longer qualify as a tenant of THE coLABorative.